Turning 21!

Turning 21!


19 January 2018


How I celebrated my 21st with Little Alf by my side...

Turning 21!

How scary! Yesterday I turned 21 and it only feels like I turned 16 last week as I can remember my 16th birthday so visually. When I turned 16, Little Alf had only just come in to my life, so to be turning 21 feels a little scary and looking back on how much has changed over the years I really feel proud of everything me and Little Alf have achieved and blessed to have such a supportive base online.

Yesterday I had the best day, a lot of people tweeted in and asked me what it felt like to be ‘21’ naturally is doesn’t feel any different to 20.

When I woke up yesterday morning and pulled back the curtains I was amazed to see a thick covering of SNOW! I love snow, I don’t know why I think it’s because it’s something we don’t get often but I just love it, it’s a great excuse for a hot chocolate!

I spent my 21st at home, with my furry friends and Alf by my side, I couldn’t imagine spending it anywhere else, and it was perfect as I got the chance to play with Alfie in the snow. He always tries to eat it before rolling and yesterday it was very thick on the ground so he was struggling at some points to get his little legs through. My parent’s brought out Birthday cake with candles in and Alfie was trying to nibble the cake as I was blowing out my candles... so I had to get him some carrots much to Alf’s disappointment.

It wasn’t time before we both started to get cold, and I knew it was time to get Alfie back inside to his warm stable (I did try sneaking him in the house) and myself inside for a hot cuppa t!

Yesterday was so much fun and I just wanted to write a blog post to say thank you to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday, I really do appreciate every single one of you who continues to support me and Alf.

‘Life should not only be lived it should be celebrated’ – One of my favourite quotes!

Bye for now

Hannah & Little Alf x