10 things you didn’t know about Little Alf and Hannah...

10 things you didn’t know about Little Alf and Hannah...


23 January 2018


10 things you didn’t know about Little Alf and Hannah...

Hello everyone and welcome back to mine and Little Alf’s blog! We’ve had a few days off writing, as we have been getting over my 21st birthday and here in Yorkshire we’ve had loads of snow, which Alfie has loved playing in! He loves going out in the snow up until the point he gets wet and cold – which lets face is it like us all! I too love snow but the moment I get cold or wet I want to be back inside with a hot chocolate or mug of Yorkshire T.

Today I was thinking of blog post and thought I would do a fun one about facts you didn’t know about us, they might be some random one’s but hey ho it’ll make it more fun. If you have any questions for us just give us a tweet @AlfLittle or @hannahrussell26 or send us a message via the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Facts you didn’t know about Little Alf & Hannah

  1. Little Alf loves his bed and is known for being lazy! So, some of you might already know this by the images I sometimes post on social media. But it’s true. Alfie loves his bed, and doesn’t like getting up before 8:30am in a morning. I often go down to muck the horses out around 7:30am and you can guarantee Alfie is still fast asleep. I always leave him until last then go wake up him!
  2. Hannah plays guitar?! Random but yes, I love my guitar, I use to have lessons when I was at school but once I got horses I stopped playing as I didn’t have enough time on my hand. But recently I have started playing again and got a lovely white guitar for my 21st birthday.
  3. Alfie hates people clapping! Another random one but yes Alfie doesn’t like clapping it winds him up. We went to the Great Yorkshire Show last year and loads of people in the marquee next to us began clapping at something and Alfie wasn’t very happy.
  4. Hannah is gluten free! – In 2016 I was diagnosed with celiac disease, so I have a very strict gluten free diet! (Luckily you can get gluten free carrot cake it’s my favourite!)
  5. Alfie loves the sunshine! I suppose he must love the sun as he hates the rain. – Don’t we all! You often find Alfie sunbathing through the summer months.
  6. Hannah has a secret obsession for Rhinos! – Maybe not so secret but I love Rhinos they are amazing animals. I love animals in general but there is something about Rhinos which I can really connect with!
  7. Alfie whinny’s every time he sees Hannah! – You might have seen this on social media and it is the cutest thing in the world! Alfie loves shouting, whinnying and even squealing from time to time!
  8. Alfie loves going for walks! Every night when I bring Alfie to his stable if he wants to go for a walk he’ll walk past his stable and stand by my house gate waiting to go for a walk!
  9. Hannah loves watching movies. I love movies especially through winter I could sit and watch them all day with popcorn… Even better if I can sneak Alfie in to the house too…
  10. Finally, Hannah and Little Alf plan on writing a total of 12 books to the Little Alf adventure series over the next few years… The next children’s book will be available in April 2018.


Hannah & Little Alf X