World Book Day & Visiting London

World Book Day & Visiting London


11 March 2019


School visits & Women's international day

Last week was World book day, unfortunately I didn’t get chance to write an article about world book day as I was very busy visiting schools. When its world book day every year it’s really busy for Authors as we often release books, get involved in online campaigns and visit schools.

Last week I visited lots of schools across the UK to talk about books, why we should be reading and life as an author and of course I talked about Little Alf loads as well, after all he is the inspiration for my stories…

On World book day last Thursday I visited ‘Masham’ primary school which is very close to my home here in the Yorkshire Dales, it was nice to wake up and not travel so far on the day.

 I woke up to lots of images which had been sent in over social media of children dressing up as me and Little Alf which was really sweet, lots of schools across the UK use world book day to dress up as their favourite character so it was lovely to see people dressing up as us. If I had to dress up as my favourite book character I would probably choose ‘Pippa Long stocking’ as I loved reading the children’s series when I was younger.

World book day to me is about celebrating books and why they are so good, I love reading in my spare time, books have the power to transport you to another world and this is what I love about them so much. I’ve recently been reading a book about Rhinos which is set in South Africa, the writer has really engaged readers with the text and I almost feel they I am there when I read the book.

As well as world book day last week it was ‘Women’s international day’ on Friday, I headed down to London to St Dominic’s Sixth form college to give a talk about business, my personal journey and life as an author, it was a really enjoyable day and the students where bursting with questions, it was great to see them engage so much with the talk.

 There was also a large element of talking about being a female in business, I defiantly feel the industry has changed a lot since I first started writing but on the same hand I’ve also grown a lot as a person and so has my companies.

This week I am enjoying a ‘less hectic’ schedule and working on my next books with help from my office bunny bumble.