Website makeover

Website makeover


19 March 2019

Quirky Cows

Time for a fresh look and website merging!

We’ve had a makeover! Not literally physically us me and Alfie still look the exact same… But our website has been given a fresh look for 2019, I totally love the new website and colours and feel like I have a whole new website when actually we’ve just made a few changes or ‘purple creative’ have, the fantastic media company I work with for my website and graphics.

I decided to bring my person ‘Hannah Russell’ website and ‘Little Alf’ website together as I thought it would be better to build one platform together rather than loads of separate ones, my time is best spent focusing on writing and if I’m trying to maintain two websites I end up having less time on my books and visiting schools..ect. (There is never enough hours in the day) 

There has been several changes made to the new website you will now find a list of my business! I love business and have four companies ‘Little Alf’ who most of you will know about from my platforms but for anyone who doesn’t, Little Alf is my mini shetland, best friend and partner in crime who has 8 books published about him and his own shop in Leyburn Market town. 

‘Quirky Cows’ I am director for Quirky Cows, a business I run with my ‘Mum’ Sharron Russell, Mum is a very well known artist to the Yorkshire Dales and has a huge range of kitchen products and home products with her artwork on, she’s very talented and her paintings are lovely. I work on the social media and sales Side of the business, you’ll find me at meetings with new stockists and posting on social media about the brand.

Russell Rhino - I am the founder of Russell Rhino, which was first launched in January 2018. Russell Rhino is an international clothing brand dedicated to helping Rhinos. I design clothing which is inspired from Rhinos and get’s put on to a range of products with 20% of every sale going back to Helping Rhinos the charity. It’s a very easy run fun business and I love that I can help Rhinos out as well.

Pink fitness boutique, my newest business which I am currently in process of working on the background material for a big launch later this year. I’ve always been in to fitness and one of my earliest ideas when I first got in to business when I was 16 was to start a fitness brand but I didn’t feel it was the right time. I’ve learnt so much over the years and I’m now ready to step in to another area so if you keep a look out online you’ll see the company take shape this 2019. 

On my new website I’m going to be sharing news post on all my business, latest adventures and what me and Little Alf have been up to, previously I was finding things getting missed as I didn’t feel they where relevant to talk about where as now I feel it’s fine to post about what we’ve been up to.

You’ll also notice the site has changed to a turquoise greeny/blue, I love this colour I think it looks very fresh and modern! 

There has also been a public speakers section added, I visit schools every month, universities and large groups of people to talk about my business this way it’s easy for people to make a booking, contact me for more information and read testimonials from previous talks.

I think that is mainly the bulk of the changes, I’ve had a switch around of some text and images as well as added in my personal instagram but other than that it doesn’t look to much different from the website before!

Hope you like it as much as me,

Hannah X