Fan mail from Germany

Fan mail from Germany


26 March 2019

Little Alf

Overwhelmed with all the fan mail!

My journey with Little Alf started in 2012 when the little bundle of joy came to live with me, little did I know back then how much my life would change over the next 6 years together. After our first book was published in 2014 together I thought that would be it, I’d simply wrote it for fun to make me feel good about something I’d accomplished - to have a book in your hand finished is a great feeling and it made me feel good. 

Soon after I shared the book with Little Alf’s followers and they wanted to purchase they're own copy which was surprising at the time I sat and thought ‘Is it good enough for people to read’ and in the end thought ‘why not! Whats the worst that could happen’ Believing in yourself is a big thing I’ve learnt in business it’s really important you believe you can and work towards your goals. Ignore any negativity and use it to motivate you to work harder than ever.

Now a few years on I’m sat typing in my office watching Alfie roll in the field, we have 8 books published together with the 10th one been released this year, our own shop, merchandise range, we are ambassador to an amazing charity and so much more. It’s crazy what we have done and I’m really proud. 

Last October our memoir was published in Germany which has been a huge hit and we’ve been receiving so much fan mail which I never expected, if you told me in 2014 one day I’d be getting fan mail from Germany I wouldn’t have believed you. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent Little Alf a letter in the UK, USA or Germany we love hearing from you, your thoughts on the books and hearing all about your pets!

You can send Little Alf mail here - Little Alf, 1 Golden Lions Yard, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5AS, 

Hannah X 

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