Little Alf turns 8 years old

Little Alf turns 8 years old


02 April 2019

Little Alf

time flies when your having fun

Yesterday was Little Alf’s birthday which is always special as birthdays are, as you can imagine he was spoilt rotten with so much fan mail, treats and more… He spent most of his day alongside Pepper and I think they had there own field party at one point as there was lots of birds pecking there loose coats away from them!

I can’t believe he’s actually 8 years old, Alfie came to live with me when he was just 7 months old so to think he has been with me now nearly 7 years is very scary! I was looking back at old pictures and seeing how much he has changed over the years his hair has certainly changed colour and his body has filled out from the smaller frame he use to be, other than that he still looks like Alf.

He loves been pampered so I spent a lot of time brushing Alfie yesterday and combing out his mane, he’s always getting knots in his hair and loves it being combed out, I use brylcreem on his mane which is what my great granddad use to use for his hair - I highly recommend it if your horse has a fuzzy mane just like Alfie.

Alfie had a few special edible treats yesterday, he had carrots, his usually yummy dengie healthy hooves, hay and some peppermint treats which he seemed to love and was upset when they had all gone.

I collected his mail yesterday as well and was overwhelmed with all the birthday cards and emails we received! Thank you to everyone who sent a card to him, wished him happy birthday on social media or popped an email over. I would love to be able to respond to you all but I’m currently working on the next Little Alf book which is taking a lot of time. 

Talking of time flying by I can’t believe it’s April! Just 16 days until Little Alf’s first appearance of 2019 at middleman open stables! We can’t wait to meet you all there!

Hannah X 

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