A taste of summer

A taste of summer


07 June 2019

Little Alf

Ice cream in the sunshine

The sun is shining today in the Yorkshire Dales, me and Alfie have been tucking in to some of Brymors famous ice cream! I love going to Brymor ice cream parlour it’s a very short trip from my house here in the Dales and I often bike over during the summer months I think I have mentioned it endless times on my blogs in the past…. 

With the sun shining it’s the perfect chance to sit the fields with the ponies and a tub of ice cream, I went along to Brymor this morning after doing some local deliveries and picked up four different flavours. Brymor also stock the Little Alf books so it’s a perfect excuse to get ice cream at the same time – you could even sit in the sun at Brymors parlour with a Little Alf book and ice cream for a peaceful afternoon. 

I’m currently working on the next Little Alf book at home in my office, so during my break I went to sit with Alfie and cracked open a tub of clotted cream and Cindrella, I’ve always been a fan of the plainer flavours but love mixing them together, I also love making ice cream milkshakes they are lovely when the weather is hot. 

Of course Alfie can’t eat ice cream as that would make him very poorly but he didn’t mind licking the outside of the tubs, I think he was trying to have a cheeky lick of the ice cream if he could… I imagine if he could have ice cream his favourite flavour would be Brymor’s ‘Toffee Apple’ as horse’s love apples, especially Alfie. If he could make his own ice cream it would be a combination of carrots, apples and mints! 

For those of you who haven’t heard of Little Alf before, he is a miniature Shetland pony who stands at 28 inches high due to him having dwarfism, although he is small he’s ‘mighty’ and often causes trouble, he once met HRH Princess Anne in 2017 and decided to bite all the buttons of her coat (yikes) very luckily she didn’t mind to much and saw the funny side of things. 

Me and Little Alf have been partners in crime for nearly 7 years now, time certainly flies when you’re having fun, he’s the inspiration behind my books and currently has 8 books published about him with his 9th and 10th been released later this year… which reminds me I better get back to my manuscript.. 

Hannah & Little Alf x 



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